A staple diet on this side of the world, consumed by almost every individual in every meal. Like everything else out there – there’s always a smarter, healthier variant.

ecoBrown’s is a purveyor of high-quality, wholesome brown rice, offering you a superior choice of rice for your meals. White may be the symbol of all things good and pure, but when it comes to rice – that may not be the best way to go for sure.

Brown rice is how rice should be, naturally. No treatment, bleaching or processing – brown rice is how rice was meant to be. That’s why we always say, Brown is Better.

Where is ecobrown’s rice from?

Each grain of ecoBrown’s rice is proficiently farmedand harvested in the beautiful sweeping paddy fields of Northern Malaysia, under the natural sun, rain and wind of the equator.

ecoBrown’s is something Malaysian-made that we can all truly be proud of. So come on in and make the switch to find out why brown is better.

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