Brown Rice Goodness

Excerpt from The Star Malaysia - 23 Aug 2016

ECOBROWN’S ethos is centred on integrity and ethics. From the nutrient- rich rice grains grown in the fertile soil of Malaysia’s northern states to the hygienic production processes, every part of the company is designed to deliver maximum health benefits and satisfaction to its customers.

After harvest, the fresh grains are immediately sent for milling where they undergo a stringent selection process to ensure the best is set aside for ecoBrown’s products.

EcoBrown’s offers natural brown rice – a wholegrain product that retains more fibre and higher levels of minerals and vitamins compared to white rice.

Diets rich in wholegrain fibre are associated with health benefits that include lower chances of developing heart diseases, several types of cancer and gallstones.

It also aids in losing weight and keeping the weight off for those who follow diet regimes. Despite the fact that these dieters eat less, fibre helps them feel fuller.

Brown rice is also a good choice for diabetic patients as unlike white rice, it helps to keep blood sugar stable by releasing its natural sugars slowly and in a sustained manner.

EcoBrown’s is produced from freshly harvested and fully ripened paddy, and is the first brown rice in the country to be certified by the HACCP for hazard analysis and critical control point for its entire processing line in 2008.

EcoBrown’s rice is fresh from the farm with a low GI ( glycaemic index), low sodium and no preservatives or artificial colouring. It is naturally gluten- free and cholesterol- free.

Along with ecoBrown’s Original and Gold rice, the company has expanded the range to include Wholegrain Brown Rice Beverage for a guilt- free treat and the Premiere Vermicelli for delicious dinners. Brown really is better.

Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd first launched ecoBrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice in 2004. It is 100% vacuum treated and sealed in various retail sizes 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 5kg.

EcoBrown’s is produced entirely from freshly harvested and fully ripened paddy within the major granary regions of Malaysia.

It is the first brown rice in the country to be certified by the inaugural HACCP for hazard analysis and critical control point for its entire processing line in 2008. This certification has further endorsed itself for quality assurance in the growing trend of health conscious consumers in Malaysia.

EcoBrown’s Gold, which is the combination of three types of wholegrain rice ( brown rice, red rice and black rice), is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Going downstream, ecoBrown’s also produces the instant Wholegrain Brown Rice Beverage. Consumers can now choose to have a healthy meal outside their home, anytime, anywhere with convenience.

The Premiere Brown Rice Vermicelli, a gluten- free and cholesterol- free vermicelli, is made from quality brown rice. It is 100% machine- made with no added preservatives.

It comes in handy packs, each weighing 300g, and contains three crusts of vermicelli each weighing 100g.

EcoBrown’s was also one of the sponsoring partners for Nutritional Month Malaysia 2016, which was organised by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

For more information, call 1800 88 RICE ( 7423) or visit www. ecobrowns. com